The Ultimate Paintball Battle!

Forget inflatable bunkers, referees and 5 v 5 battles. The markers are loaded, The timer is set… Drivers are ready and the tension in the air can be cut with a knife! A few cheeky pyrotechnics, paint slicks and hidden paint traps are set up and the scene is set! This is the ultimate paintball battle!

Although we don’t generally have such high performance cars at our amazing centres, we do have tanks, helicopters, giant stone pyramids, prison camps and double-decker buses. You can be sure that you will have a memorable experience, minus the Audi super-toys!

Call our friendly Delta Force consultants on 1300 850 744 to book your next adrenalin-pumping event with the world leader in Paintball games.

Delta Force Paintball – It’s Paintball but not as you know it!

2017-06-30 Delta Force Paintball

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