Delta Force Paintball Hits 4 Million Milestone

Delta Force Paintball, the world’s largest operator of paintball games, hit a new milestone a few months back… 4 million players safely entertained at our paintball centres around the globe!

This is one feat that we are extremely proud of after more than 20 years in the paintball industry. From our humble beginnings with our first paintball just south of London some 20 years ago, we have now grown to be the leading paintball operator in terms of movie-set game zones, professional and most importantly of all, safety.

Your safety is our paramount concern and we ensure that all players are treated like celebrities. On arrival at our themed paintball centres you will receive all of the essentials for battle including protective goggles with anti-fog lenses, full-length camouflage overalls, body armour to protect your upper torso and a battle pack capable of carrying an additional 400 paintballs. That’s enough to ensure you never run dry in the heat of combat.

After going through the essential safety briefing, you and your group will be taken through to the gun zone where you will be issued with a 0.68 Inferno paintball machine gun. This well-finished piece of machinery is fast firing, accurate and reliable. Take advantage of our top-secret shooting range and get your eye in for the games ahead.

With over 1000 professionals working for Delta Force around the world, we have the staff and capabilities to provide you with the ultimate paintball adventure.

We are now seen as the industry leader in terms of moving the sport forward into the next era. Delta Force is always coming up with new initiatives to make the game safer, yet more enjoyable and action-packed for all.

State of the art paintball equipment, impressive safety standards and amazing movie-themed paintball game zones are all contributing factors to Delta Force being regarded as the world’s biggest and best paintball company.

Come and see what all of the hype is about, come and play with Delta Force Paintball.

2018-08-29 Delta Force Paintball

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