Fun in Melbourne

Visit Delta Force Paintball in Melbourne for the very best in outdoor entertainment.

Located only 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, you’ll experience 6 – 8 action-packed movie-set games on your morning and afternoon sessions of paintball action. Get your mates together and get ready for the paintball experience of a lifetime.

Our Melbourne paintball centre boasts exciting game scenarios never before seen on Australian soil. Paintballers have raved about playing in movie-set scenarios including the Wild West town, Tomb Raider with a giant stone pyramid, Checkpoint Charlie and many more.

Imagine you are hiding behind a giant stone sphinx, your teammates flanking to the left and right in support, and you spot the enemy hiding in the centre of the giant pyramid. You focus your aim, steady your paintball gun and fire to defeat the enemy and win the game.

It really is a lot of fun!

All players will be equipped with full head protection goggles, a full-length body suit, a paintball vest to protect the upper torso and an ammunition pack. All of this, in addition to the world-class facilities, will ensure that you have the very best Melbourne paintball experience possible.

Our amazing game scenarios, facilities and equipment offer the perfect weekend or holiday visit for all players. Delta Force has an outstanding safety record and an enviable reputation for organising great sessions out.

Delta Force Paintball has had a significant impact on the Australian skirmish industry, raising the bar in terms of professionalism, safety and quality. We have also safely entertained more than 3 million players around the world putting us at the forefront of the industry.

Be a part of something special, book your next session of paintball action today!

Contact us on 1300 850 744 and experience the fun to be had by playing paintball.

2021-01-11 Delta Force Paintball

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