After biding our time in lockdown upgrading our centres with thrilling new game zones, the time has finally come for Delta Force to reopen our doors to the public!

Come one, come all – newbies and veterans alike, first-time thrill-seekers and seasoned warriors. Delta Force Paintball is thrilled to announce that we are joining the country in emerging from lockdown, and are officially reopening our centres to the paintball-hungry public!

Here at our Muchea centre, we will be marking the reopening post lock down. Our signature Jungle Attack game zone, transports you to an abandoned village in a war-torn jungle, where you must fight to capture the holding points each building provides. The team that controls the most of the village at the end, wins! – Total annihilation reigns in Speedball. Fight amidst the ruins of the world’s oil reserves, until one team is completely eliminated!

With an adherence to our comprehensive new Covid policy, paintballing at one of our centres is the perfect adrenalizing, socially-distanced, outdoors activity to help shake off that lockdown lethargy and get out in the sun with your friends and family. This is a Delta Force Paintball call to arms – will you be there to answer it?

2022-02-03 Delta Force Paintball

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